Monday, July 27th, 2009

I came out last night to take a look at the greens to see what kind of water they were going to need and they looked perfect. I didn’t see one hot spot. Friday night we ran a new program that we set up to water in wetting agents which puts down 21 minutes in 7 minute intervals. It saturates the greens completely then we back off on the water and let them dry out a bit and then we repeat when they start drying again. We realized that we weren’t putting enough water down to move the wetting agent into the profile after we did an irrigation audit on a few greens. This enabled us to determine our precipitation rate and now we can time our system accordingly and put the right amount down as needed.
We are scheduled to apply a Signature/Daconil application this week.

Nothing new on the tees. Zef has been working hard getting rid of the dry spots. The DRT is showing some stress so we set up a sprinkler this morning to soak it good.
I asked Sig if the kids could spend more time picking up the broken tees on the DRT. They are not all picked up by the sweeper and damage the mower. It also looks nicer to have them picked up regularly.

I would still like to pick up some wetting agent for the fairways but at this time I do not want to over spend. It would be a luxury expense and I feel that we can get by with out it. I spent the $700 instead on some beacon buoys which will detour the geese and keep them from roosting on the lakes.
I am excited to hear how customers are complementary of the golf course conditions at this time of year. It is good to see that they appreciate the conditions without having to make everything green wall-to-wall.

I over heard Jason speaking to one of the groups explaining how we want the carts in the fairways and to avoid the dormant rough; it was perfect, great job Jason. Let’s make sure the PA’s and the counter staff to remind the regular customers to do the same thing.

I am planning my crew BBQ for August 8th. Please let me know if you can attend. I will see if George and his staff can make it as well. I would also like to invite Mike, Kevin, Doug and Mark from the County.

We are going to start demoing the bridge this morning and will plan on starting the reconstruction on Wednesday.

I am going to meet with the Toro salesman today to look at the greens mower options. I also have a call into Lane to check in with him on the process and how he wants to proceed.

Ball Field
I took our trim mower out to the ball fields on Saturday so they could continue mowing. The part that we expected to be next day delivered never showed up. Once it gets in I will switch out the mowers so we can continue trimming the golf course.

I have heard from so many people about the article and how they thought it was written so well. I am glad it was focused on the industry in how things have been changing over the years. I believe it really put Stone Creek Golf Club in the top of its class on great places to play.
It is time to update our website and it may be good to expound on some of our recent environmental accolades. We could add a tab called “In the News” and provide links to pertinent news stories. We definitely need to add and update some of our photos.
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