Monday, September 21st, 2009

Course Conditions
Today is the first day of fall and it still feels like summer. Lets hope this weather continues for at least another two months.

The greens are still strong. It is ashamed we have to put holes in them but as you know it is the unnecessary evil every year. With out aerification we would seal up the greens and the root zone would not develop and we would eventually end up loosing turf. Given the conditions of the greens today, the healing process should be a snap.
Last week we chose to hold off on the Endorse/Daconil fungicide application until this week so we will be able to reap the protection throughout the aerification process next week. The Signature/Daconil application seemed to hold off further development of the anthracnose anyway.

We have finished aerifying and today Pearce will be fertilizing the tee boxes.

Staab will be spraying the Primo this morning which will ensure growth control for the next 8 weeks which should carry us into the late fall.

We are going to try to spray for broad leaf weeds on the day we aerify the greens since the course will be closed until noon. A lot will depend on the man power needed for the day. I have spoken to Mike Foley and he has agreed to help us out once more. If there are any other PA's that would like to help out just have them contact me.

The new greens mowers are in along with the core harvester and attachment kit. Now our next goal is to get organized so we can get everything inside the barn.
The new trailer should be completed this week. With the new brakes on the trailer they will have to install a brake system on the vehicles that are going to tow it. We may want to have George install a system on his vehicle as well.
When the trailer is ready the first line of order will be to trade out the trim mower and get George is regular one back.

Ball Field
We now have a small laptop to keep the payroll but now we need to have a separate chip put in the time clock to enable us to poll it directly. It is a good thing the company is located here in Beaverton, it makes it easy. Some times I think it would be easier to just pay for the phone line.

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  1. Looks great Dave. I'm looking forward to playing today. The tournament people are just bragging left and right about what great shape the course is in.

    I'll forward the request on to James about man power for Monday. I would get out there with you but I've got a lot of work to do with marketing the tournaments for next year.

    Thanks and keep up the great course!



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