Monday, October 19th, 2009

I spent some time yesterday going through and organizing my old photos from the construction and it brought back some old memories. Looking back we have come a long way and have certainly made a jewel out of this piece of land. I know it is a cliche but this place is like a good bottle of wine that keeps getting better with age.
Here are some photos that I found that have taken me back in time.

The greens have been a little slow to respond but after the weekend we have made some great progress. We fed them on Friday which was enough to get them going. We are due for another fungicide application this week which we will get out as weather permits.

The tees are in great shape this week. The overseeding was very effective this fall which should really be beneficial going into the winter.

We managed to get a few fairways done last week but as the weather forecast goes we have learned not to count on it. There were many days where rain was forecasted and  it would have been perfect for topdressing. We will make another push this week and get the back nine wrapped up and on to the front.
The growth has slowed down enough to go to mowing two days a week which will allow us to get some other things done.

We just received two tons of amonium sulfate which we will get down on the rough soon. We are planing on spot treating where we need it the most. Fertilizing with 21-0-0 will allow us to give the rough a jump start going into the winter and also saves us around $1,000 in fertilizer costs.
The bunkers are due for a mowing and edging this month.

Mike and I are working on a project list for the winter. Topping the list will be bunkers. We still have many bunkers that need to have the sand reallocated and drained. After our rain event over the weekend we are already seeing where we need to pay attention. Tree work will have to be on hold until 2010. I am budgeting for it in January. We did loose a large branch on the eastern most Cottonwood tree on eight last week which makes me want to drop it for safety reasons. I don't think it would be much more than $500 to $700 to get it done. We would replant with another tree in the same area to maintain the integrity of the hole.

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