Monday, March 8th, 2010

Course Conditions
The course is still playing great. What a fantactic weekend for golf, temps in the mid 60's can sure bring them out. We are starting to see some spring growth occurring on the greens, enough to even verticut last Thursday. We have been staying on the 30 day fertilizer program applying the Redox formula with a tenth pound of nitrogen each application. It has been good to stay on the program all winter, the benefits are are already paying off in terms of the condition of the putting surface.
Last week I mistakenly stated that we saw a decrease in the pH after our lime application, of course I meant to say increase in pH!
The fairways firmed up enough to allow carts most of the week. Friday Wilco spread the Verde-Cal with their big buggy truck. With the huge tires it didn't leave a mark and they were done spreading 30 acres in less than 3 hours.

We continued to work on the turn-out on thirteen and wrapped it up on Friday. As usual the guys did a great job. I took this picture just after they had wrapped up for the day on Thursday. Explain why after we go through all the trouble of making the turn-out that the golfer still feels the need to drive on the grass? I took this picture and had to walk away.

This week we will be applying Verde-Cal to the greens and tees. Lime is normally applied in the fall so it can work into the soil and have an effect in the spring. Verde-Cal is different in that it is very quick acting and will have an effect on the soil in a matter of weeks. Last year was evident of that when we measured an increase in the pH in a 4 week period. By increasing the pH we are allowing more nutrients to become available to the turfgrass. I feel it is important to maximize the soil to its full extent and allow it to support the turf without adding an abundance of fertilizer. Testing the soil and checking the pH regularly is how we can gauge the amount of nutrients necessary to grow quality turfgrass while also utilizing sustainable practices.

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