Wednesday, July 21st, 2010

Summer Aerification
In the summer it is common to use a solid tine to open or vent the greens. This allows the gasses to release and also increases water infiltration. There are many types of tines used for this process which range from a cross tine, or a solid round tine which can range from a needle size to a half inch. We prefer to use what is called a bayonet tine. These look like knives and research has shown that the holes will remain open longer increasing the benefit of the process. To the right is a picture of the tines that we used, you can actually see the depth that we are getting. Below is a short video of the process using our Toro 648.

The surface is usually left a little puffy so we follow the aerator with the roller which leaves the greens rolling as smooth as normal. This Morning we did the front nine and will finish the back nine tomorrow ahead of play. As temperatures head into the 90's this weekend the greens will be able to take the water to the roots where it is needed.

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