Monday, March 7th, 2011

Course Conditions
The rain once again makes the headlines in this weeks report. Monday was the wettest day receiving almost 2.25". Much of that was mixed with wet snow. The total for the week was just over 3.5". Needless to say the course is in pretty soggy condition. With all the rain we also received quite of bit of wind this week. The course was so wet that we had to wait until Friday to get the debris blower out to clean the fairways. Most of the weeks work was spent picking up large branches and chipping the woodpile. We did however manage to get through the majority of the course Friday and got quite a bit cleaned up.

Our small drainage projects were completed as well. Special thanks to Zeferino for staying with it through all the difficult weather and getting it all completed on Friday. Hopefully this will help firm up some of those wet areas along the 11th fairway.

For the most part, our customers have been phenomenal about keeping the carts out of areas where they don't belong. Sometimes things happen that are simply to bad to be true so I had to snap a picture of it to prove that stranger things do happen. This shot was taken Thursday after a customer felt that it was okay to drive off the cart path. Not only did he drive off the path he felt his cart must have had four wheel drive and tried to drive between the two fairways on the ninth hole and slipped backwards while spinning the tires. I can think of simpler ways to get back to the path. Steve actually caught this gentleman in action and I must applaud for keeping his cool.

While many of the guys were out picking up debris Mike and Steve spent their time insulating the office ceiling. It's not always the best job to do when your dealing with fiberglass but they did a fantastic job.  We have submitted the required forms to The Energy Trust of Oregon and now just have to wait for our credit of 30 cents a square foot. If I have done my calculations correctly and filled out the forms to the ETO's satisfaction the entire job should cost us less than $170.00! I just paid a gas bill for $323.00. Let's see what it ends up being next month. Hopefully we will see some savings.

Friday we managed to go the entire day without rain but that didn't mean the day was perfect. The wind was blowing just right as Water Environmental Services (WES) was applying sewage sludge to the hay field across the highway. So in case you were wondering what you were smelling, this is what it was. WES is very proactive in notifying the neighbors of their activities but nothing really prepares you for the odoriferous bouquet left behind. Once it gets washed onto the ground the smell will subside and all will be back to normal. (Can you imagine using that on a golf course?...ugh) 

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