Monday, November 14th, 2011

The good news is, I don't think there will be any frost delays this week, the bad news is, I see a bit of rain in the forecast. It was great to see so many players last week. I think we actually had two capacity days! Pat Jones from Golf Course Industry Magazine commented on Oregon's weather and wondered how people play golf out here. The answer is, we just do. The NW golfer is a hardy breed.
The course continues to play very well. Aside from a few soft fairways we were able to get the carts out a few times. I am happy to report that the carts by in large have been very well behaved.
We began the drainage along the 18th fairway this week. We trenched over 180 feet so far and may still have to do more. Given how soft the area is the crew has done a remarkable job. Our goal is to pipe and fill what we've done so far and add laterals as needed. The leaf removal continues. It has gone fairly well up to now. The wind Saturday night made a mess of things which will take some effort to get cleaned up.

Last Tuesday while I was at the Environmental meeting I got a call from Steve. He said he found a parrot. The guys heard someone laughing in the blackberry brambles and thought someone was playing a trick om them. Steve eventually identified the source of the noise and found the bird deep in the bushes. It didn't leave his shoulder all day. We still haven't found the owner but from the noise it makes you can wonder why.

This week I am taking some vacation time and will be away all week. The first half of the week I'm going to be participating at the Golfdom Summit at Pinehurst North Carolina. I have my camera so there will be lots of pics of the new #2! Yes I do get to play it!

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