Golf Industry Show, San Diego California

It has been a long week and I am looking forward to coming home today and seeing my family and getting back to the routine. One of the great things about going to the Golf Industry Show is seeing old friends and networking. This week I have learned so much from just talking to some of my peers and have learned a lot from my classes. Pictured to the right is my good friend Mike Morris from Crystal Downs Golf Club in Frankfurt Michigan.

Yesterday I took a class on developing best management practices for golf course water conservation that was taught by Robert Carrow, Ph.D. and Clint Waltz, Ph.D. from University of Georgia. They explained the process that the Georgia superintendents took to influence their government officials and the role they took in developing their water conservation laws that applied directly to golf courses. My biggest take-home was if we don't get involved and help educate lawmakers about our environmental practices we will end up paying the big price of working around unnecessary laws. This was a big wake-up call. Pictured to the left is Madera Golf Club which I had the opportunity to visit Thursday.

Last night I attended the Presidents Reception on the terrace and greeted our new GCSAA president, James Fitzroy. There is no question that Jim will be a strong president and will lead us through the coming year. Congratulations to Mark Kuhns, our outgoing president who had to preside over some of the toughest times our association has seen. I commend him for his steadfast leadership. As I took this picture of the destroyer heading out to sea I wondered when I would see the sun again knowing that I would be heading back up to Oregon tomorrow.

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