Monday, February 15th, 2010

Course Conditions
It is good to be back home and back at Stone Creek after a week in San Diego. It was a great conference and was nice to see many friends from around the country. The best part about coming back to the course is knowing that it is always going to be in better shape than when I left it and this year was no exception. Mike and the crew have been busy working on projects and making the course a better place to play.

The restroom enclosure on fourteen was finished and looks great. It has always been nice to have the convenience of the portable restroom around the course but the bright blue has always been a distraction. Now two of the three on the course are enclosed and they don't stand out nearly as bad.

The apron on the thirteen white tee was getting very muddy where golfers have been walking on and off. With the sod grown on our nursery the guys replaced the entire area which now looks 100% better. Below you can see the before and after.

Like the bunker on eight, part of the edge was damaged and was caving in so the guys repaired that as well. Again, using the sod that we grew on the nursery.

This year we made a set of tee markers that will replace roughly a third of the ones on the course. We finished the lacquer coating and put the new ones out along with the refinished benches.

Also while I was gone Mike sprayed the greens with fertilizer and also made a fungicide application to protect them and to alleviate some yellow patch pressure that we have been noticing. Mike also finished painting wet areas around the course in an effort to prevent carts from driving through them. It is working on a limited basis. Still some problem spots hear and there. The course seems extremely wet right now and we have seen quite a bit of cart damage. Rich has been limiting the handicap flags which will help a lot. Unfortunately we can't allow them out every day but we will continue to monitor the conditions and make the call on a day to day basis.

Today Zeferino and Jorge are working on the bag drop area outside the front door. We are placing cobblestones where the bag stand sets, this should be a great improvement from the gravel that was there before. Next we will be replacing the sod in front of the building giving it a nice face lift.

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