Monday, August 16th, 2010


Shortly after my last report I received another call from the Water Master and was told to shut the pumps down, so we are finally now officially on well water for the remainder of the season. Just to give an idea of how much we saved in electrical costs; last year we paid $4,620 for our July usage and this year our bill was $2,569. That is $2,051 in savings from not running the deep well in July.
Ten Green Drought Stress
The Club Championship was a huge success last weekend. Congratulations to Ken Davidson winner of the Low Gross Championship and special congratulations to our own Zeferino Cuevas for winning the Low Net Championship! One other notable to mention is Gary Barth from the County for winning the "C" Flight Gross Championship.

Damaged Poa annua
The weather was a bit warm but overall the staff did an awesome job conditioning the course for the two day event. We had the greens rolling in the mid 11's and kept the pin placements as flat as possible. The course played very fair but the biggest challenge was the 20 mph wind on Saturday. The wind plus 101 degrees combined with 12% humidity, made for some interesting putts. Those conditions also put some undue stress on some of the greens. The tenth shown here wilted pretty bad mid day and there wasn't much we could do about it. The leaf tissue was damaged somewhat but will recover in no time. The lighter spots in the smaller photo are damaged  Poa annua which may will not recover as fast as the bentgrass, if at all. This is a case where bentgrass weathers the extreme temperatures so well. With the wetting agent we have been using all season, (Revolution) it will allow us to re-wet the soil profile with out working through hydrophobic conditions. We will be making another application this week with our fertilizer and with the cooler temperatures expected Wednesday things should be looking just fine.

It was nice to be able to set up the course for the Championship this weekend. It is always great to be able to play on greens that roll in excess of 10.0. We cut and rolled the greens on Friday, double cut and rolled Saturday and then single cut and rolled Sunday. This provided us with a consistent speed of around 11.2. Since we are a public course, and we do get a lot of play, we need to manage the greens around 9.0 to 9.5 for much of the year. This is to ensure that we keep the pace of play and it also allows us to use a lager portion of the putting green for pin placements. When we get 60,000 rounds a year the greens receive a lot of play and it is important to spread the pin placements around to distribute the wear evenly. If we kept the greens at 11.0 and above we would be limited on pin placements thus creating areas of wear that would never recover. It is nice to know that we can set the course up for championship events and give the players a new look at the same course.

The Bench on the 18th Tee (Just for fun)

This Week
As we approach the last few feet of the top tier on the driving range tee we will be aerifying and re-seeding it soon. Specialized Construction is back to work on the front of the Event Center. By adding an additional planter in lieu of a step we hope we will avoid any further tripping accidents.

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