Monday, August 23rd, 2010

August 15th
August 23rd
Not much change other than the cool down from last weekend. We managed to get the moisture back in the greens and the areas that were wilted have now recovered as shown in the photos to the right. We have been very successful in using a moisture meter to track our progress in wetting the profile. It is important especially this time of year to avoid over watering. If we can manage the right amount of water without over application, the turf stands to recover much more quickly. Also, with the addition of Aquatrol's wetting agent Revolution as part of our soil moisture management system, our moisture levels are much more uniform and we are able to re-wet our profile much quicker after dry conditions.

This week we are looking at one or two days in the 90's and then another cool down. Perfect weather conditions if you ask me.

Day two of the Ladies Club Championship is this week and we are planning on using the "B" green on number fourteen. It was brought to my attention that the small alders were blocking their view of the green so last week we cleared the trees in question and they will have a clear shot.

This week we are checking all the equipment and preparing for aerifying the greens next Monday. Today we did a trial run on the chipper and it looks great. I have no doubt we should expect great weather. Completing the job early will certainly set us up for a fantastic fall season.

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