Monday, September 13th, 2010

The course continues to play well. The greens are getting better each day as they recover from aerification. They seem to be a little sticky in the mornings. When they are moist the sand tends accumulates on the ball but as the sand works into the profile that will not be an issue for long. From Friday to this morning the greens have made a significant change. We are picking up mostly grass in the buckets as apposed to sand.
The weather was on the mild side last week which gave us a chance to shut the well down for a few days. I came in yesterday and fired it back on since we are going to throw out some more water this week with the weather hitting the low 80's.
We started mowing the tall grass and still have a ways to go. Fall is a busy time with the tractor and we may be pulling the mower off so we can get the fairways and the rough fertilized before the rain sets in. We will also be topdressing the fairways soon. Pending on weather, we hope to commence in early October. This is another case where having a second tractor would allow us to be so much more productive. Let me just insert a little photo here to get the positive vibes started.

Event Center Open House
Oregon City Mayor Alice Norris and Clackamas County  Commissioner Bob Austin Cutting the ribbon.

Friday was our official opening for the new Event Center. The rock work and the new planter in the front turned out quite nice. Special thanks to my staff for all their work in preparing the outside with fresh barkdust and setting the tent up for the band. It will be nice to have the opportunity to offer a space in the winter now were we can host meetings and other events.
Mehgan Foley did a super job organizing the event and having vendors come in and display their products. She set up a Facebook page for the event which I think worked very well. I was able to use it to send invites to many of my friends. The deli staff also did a great job serving everyone with a smile as usual.
I hope that soon we will be able to host an OGCSA Chapter Meeting here at Stone Creek. Something that would not have been possible with out the new center.

Notable Achievements
Big congratulations to Gordon Tolbert, President of Total Golf Management Services, for qualifying for the Senior Club Pro Championship in Palm Springs next month. The way he has been swinging all summer it really doesn't surprise me that he qualified. The tournament is October 7th through the 10th. We wish him all the best.
This may not be golf related but it is notable. Dick Martin, one of our player assistant's, took me Chinook fishing last Thursday. This was a monumental event for me in that it was the largest Chinook Salmon that I have ever caught (31 lbs). It took us a good 25 minutes to land her. She gave us a good tussle but she eventually found her way to the net. This was a trip that I won't soon forget!

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