Monday, September 6th, 2010


The crazy week is over and we managed to end up with a good weather window after all to finish up our aerification. The mixed tine application was a success. We were surprised by the amount of material we removed from the greens. We had the machines set on a 2x2 spacing which put quite a few hole in the greens.  It took an extra topdressing to finish filling the holes and Mike calculated that he used 150 yards of sand for the entire job. Overall the greens look and play very well.

As I was changing the cups on Saturday there was a significant difference in the amount of pressure it took to push the cup cutter into the ground. It was much easier than normal. The plugs were loose and roots were about as long as I have seen them in the fall before and that normal hard pan zone that we typically feel around the 3 to 4 inch depth wasn't there. Perhaps it was the alternating tine length that did it, At least that is what we would like to believe. The 1/2 inch tines were getting down a good 3 inches and the 3/8 inch tines were down around 1.25 inches. I think we truly prepared the greens for this fall by enabling the new roots to penetrate through the pan layer. Next week we will be applying a super fine grade of granular organic fertilizer called Nature Safe 8-3-5. I really think it benefits the soil microbes and promotes much stronger roots.

Now we need to allow Fazio some time to restock our sand pile. It is a busy time of year for them and in the coming weeks everyone else will be aerifying and topdressing too so this week we will start mowing the tall grass and then when that is finished we will commence aerification on the tees and topdressing fairways.

Tuesday was the annual OGCSA Crew Tournament held down the street at Arrowhead Golf Club. JD Clarizio and his staff always have their course in immaculate shape for this event and this year was no exception. We sent two teams and both came in at 4 under. They finished in the top half of the field which is great for the caliber of golf that is out at some of those other courses. I do believe both of our teams got the award for the best dressed!

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