Monday, December 28th, 2009

No, this is not another one of those cardboard silhouettes used to scare away the geese, its our own Willey Coyote. I caught a glimpse of him this morning as I was checking out the course. He has been pretty regular about his activities and is often seen first thing heading to the deep woods after an evening of hunting. I just wish we could count on him for keeping the geese away!

We are a little frosty again this morning. We have had a number of cold mornings which has made it difficult to change the cups as often as we need given the amount of play we have had recently. I have to recognize Zeferino for his extra effort this weekend. I checked in with him Saturday afternoon to see how the course was fairing and he told me that the ground was to frozen to change the cups and he knew that they needed to be done so he was about ready to head out and change them after play had finished and while the greens were still soft. I would never expect someone to head out in the dark and very cold and change the cups but Zef felt it would be best for the course. He and Jorge went out together and got the job done. Please take a moment and thank both of them for their extra effort. Guys like them are what makes this place rock!

It's another short week so we are going to focus on making sure everything is in "Tip-Top" shape for the Tip Bowl on Thursday. From what I saw this morning we shouldn't have to do to much. I am pretty sure we will be able to get the new tree planted on eight.

Best wishes to all over the New Year and may 2010 be the "Year of the New Economy!" I have a good feeling about our future.

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