Monday, January 4th, 2010

As you can tell by these photos, the greens are starting to get some fresh growth back on them. They have been to wet lately to mow but this weekend we managed to roll them. While changing the cups Sunday there was a strong anaerobic smell to the plugs. This is caused by the lack of oxygen in the root system. Given the amount of moisture we have had with the recent snowfall and the rain following, it doesn't really surprise me. Some greens are worse than others, eleven actually had a black layer in the plug and had a very strong smell. This is why that spring aerification is so important. It helps alleviate that condition and gives the roots that extra boost to kick off the season. I am still very surprised by the amount of roots that are showing on the greens for this time of year. This should increase the ability of the greens to recuperate after the winter stress.

 The staff has been chipping away at the small projects during the inclement weather and have finished all of the benches. We will get them out after the weather improves and they have had a chance to dry completely. Due to the untimely snow last week we didn't get the tree planted on eight. We are pretty sure that we will be able to get to it this week. We are going to locate the new tree not far off from the old one. It will be just up the hill and a little to the south. We have a red stake in the ground where we plan on putting it.
Now that the holidays are over and we can resume somewhat of a regular schedule, we will pick up where we left off on doing some catch basin projects along the path on eighteen. We still have a few bunkers that are holding water that need to be cleaned up as well. Many of the bunkers still need to have the sand pushed around and reallocated. The right side bunkers on seven are a good example of that. It looks like the sand has simply slipped to the rear of the bunker and needs to be pushed back forward and away from the back lip.

The crew looks forward to attending the annual OGCSA Crew Seminar each January which will be held on Wednesday the 20th this year. Topics will include:
Taking Hold of Your Career, Fungicides, Communication and Relationships Between Course Managers, Reel and Bedknife Grinding, Tree Care, and Rules of Golf; Course Setup and Marking. I like to send everyone that wants to go, it is a good way of appreciating all the work they do.

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