Monday, November 22nd, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving to all! I hope this holiday season brings you close to your families and friends. May the coming year bring new opportunities and favorable golfing conditions.
Course Conditions
Speaking of golfing conditions. I have certainly seen the course drier but it is mid November after all. Aesthetically, the course is beautiful and the greens are rolling great. The only issue now is in some of the fairways and roughs. If and when we get some drier weather we will try to get out and spread some more sand on those areas to help firm them up.
The cold weather hasn’t seemed to slow down the crew. We have been discussing small projects in the mornings that we would like to accomplish this winter. As we have time, the guys will take ownership of their projects and see that it is accomplished. They have also been as careful as possible in mowing and getting around the course. Even though it is November the grass is still growing and it is getting long in some areas. Where it is too wet to mow I have instructed the guys to skip it all together. It is better to come back and hand mow an area than create a bunch of tire damage
IMG_1371Wouldn’t you know that as soon as I talked about disease pressure on Poa annua (last weeksIMG_1358 post) that it would show up the following week. Last week Fusarium patch showed up on the big putting green. Classic disease appearance but unusual by our standards, it was actually 15 days since we last sprayed but it still showed up. Now that Poa is becoming a more dominant population we will begin to have much more pressure like this. Since we have such a great nursery I suggested that we simply plug out the bad spots. Mike did just that and today you would never know it was there. We also sprayed on Friday to prevent further infection.
IMG_1364We also utilized the nursery last week repairing the old hydraulic leak on the fourth green. I had probably let it go a little long but was hoping to see the bentgrass encroach back in. One streak was pretty much healed so we chose to leave it be. Mike sodded the other areas which I must say turned out beautifully. Today you could putt across the repair and never see your ball bounce. He and Brian did a fantastic job!
New greens mower technology has arrived that can now eliminate the hydraulic leak. FridayIMG_1387 Rich Schwabauer of RMT Equipment brought out the new Jacobsen Eclipse 322 to demo. This machine is a hybrid which operates with a 14 hp Kohler motor and uses electricity to drive the cutting units and the mower itself. Everything is electronic so there is not one drop of hydraulic oil on the machine. As a matter of fact the only oil is in the motor and the transaxle. Steve and I took it out to the nursery and were very impressed with its performance. In the photo it looks like Steve forgot to mow the middle strip but what he is doing is using only the outside cutting units and then IMG_1391splitting the pattern to make it appear that it was cut with a walking greens mower. Jacobsen has the option to operate each cutting unit independently which offers you more options for your clean up pass and avoiding the clean up ring.  I know we don’t need a new mower any time soon but it is good to see that we now have some great options that will prevent spills and save fuel too.

Just For Fun

IMG_1361I would like to wrap up this post with a couple great shots I took this week. This first picture of Breanne in the beverage cart pretty much sums up the weather. I would like to hand it to her for staying out there and serving the customers with a great smile on her face!
I took the next photo Friday when we could actually see the sunshine. It would have been a great day to see IMG_1379the “Hood” but as you can tell there was a vale of clouds covering it. I have seen a cloud cap before but never the entire mountain.
Have a great week and enjoy your dinner.

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