Saturday November 20th, 2010, Weather Update

trans snowflakeCold Weather is on the Way, Lets be Prepared!

Just a quick update on the coming weather conditions. The way it is shaping up it is looking like we have a chance of snow Sunday night and perhaps Monday night. It all depends where the low pressure system sets up along the coast. We have made the rounds and winterized everything around the shop. Dave just replaced the old heating cables in the cart barn on all of the water pipes. This will take care of the pipes during the day when we need water but it is still important to turn the system off and drain it each night and to disconnect the pressure washer supply hose and the pressure hose each night to prevent it from backing into the machine. The important thing to remember when we get into these cold snaps is water will expand when it gets cold and needs a place to go as it freezes. Turning the water off inside the building will simply not prevent damage, you need to open the faucet on the outside to allow the water to drain out.

Last year we had a bad break in the club house. I don’t think that this freeze will be quite as bad as last years but we might think about cracking open one of the ceiling tiles near the area where it froze to allow the warm air in the clubhouse to circulate above. Now that we have the new event center we should probably take a good look around to see if there are any vulnerabilities. Don’t assume that being new will prevent things from freezing.

We don’t expect the temps to get that cold during the day but we will be getting in the twenties at night. Monday we will be closing the restrooms on the course and locking the door. Be sure to let the customers know at the first tee.

If it does in fact snow on Sunday night and we have an accumulation on the ground the course will obviously be closed. If the snow misses us we will be allowing play based on the frost. Remember we will allow play on frozen greens but the key is the frost must be off the leaf tissue and away from the crown of the plant. At that point we will open the course. The best bet will be to plan on 11am shotguns for the entire week pending frost. We have set temporaries on the shaded holes and will use those until the greens are ready to play. Monday before the ground gets to frozen we will add a second cup to all the greens to allow us to spread the wear on the grass.

If you have a tee time this week be sure to give the pro shop a call in the morning before you come out and get the latest on delays. Employees should contact their supervisors prior to their shift to avoid an unnecessary trip to the course.

Stay Warm!

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