Recent Case Studies Published on the EIFG Website

Recently I was asked to write some case studies for the EDGE, an online database for environmental case studies on the Environmental Institute for Golf's webpage. The first one was on water use and reduced inputs. It describes how we manage our water in the dry months and how we manage the course by reducing inputs . The second case study is on the process I used to write our IPM program for the golf course. Initially Dr. Hindahl wrote our first IPM program and since there has been a new online program called GreenGolfUSA which enables superintendents to assemble their program online and when finished, a complete 40 page document is emailed to you. Both case studies should be very interesting. Please take some time and check them out.

Water Conservation and Reduced Inputs at Stone Creek Golf Club

OGCSA Environmental Stewardship Guidelines and the GreenGolfUSA IPM Template

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