Monday, December 21st, 2009

Now that it has warmed back up for the time being it is sure nice to see the golfers back at it again. Aside from the winter dessication and their brown appearance the greens came through the cold snap relatively unscathed. The course conditions remain in great shape for this time of year. Last week we managed to mow the greens, tees, and fairways without incurring any damage as a result of too much water.
The cart barn came through the frost ok, only the water filters for the ice machine were damaged. Unfortunately Sig was off during much of the ice otherwise he would have implemented a complete draining of the system. The pressure washer came through ok. The restrooms on the forth tee were overlooked and didn't get shut down properly. We had to replace both flushing mechanisms. They were up and running within 6 hours of discovery.

The staff continues to impress me each week with their up and can-do attitude. While the course was frozen the carts and mowers received a fresh coat of wax and we began to sand the benches to prepare them for a fresh coat of stain.  Many of the guys took some time off to get some Christmas shopping done during the freeze and were back and ready to get the course playable as soon as conditions allowed.

We tore apart the walk bridge on thirteen last week and resurfaced it with the left over "Trex" boards from the fourteen bridge project. The old boards were loaded with carpenter ants. It turned out great and should now give us years of service.

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