Tuesday, December 8th, 2009

The old cottonwood on the eighth hole is finally down. By the look of it I would say it would have come down on it's own pretty soon. Once it was down it was evident how weak it really was. It hit the ground and shattered in many pieces opening up rotten parts of the log revealing many large beetle grubs. These were inside the branches which were of concern for safety.

Now that the tree is down we would like to replace it with a Red Oak.   The Red Oak  grows to 80 feet and will grow 2 feet per year. I believe this will be a much stronger tree and will ad an aesthetic value to the hole. I have priced a 3.5" caliper tree from JB Sod and can pick it up for $225. Obviously we will need to wait for the ground to thaw before it can be dug so it may be a week or so before we will get it in the ground.

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