Monday, December 13th, 2010

Have you ever wondered what a true Oregonian looks like? Look to the right, they are the ones  unloading their clubs and getting ready for a round of golf. These guys are true die hards.  I am certainly grateful for their patronage. This photo was taken last Friday in the midst of one of our many downpours. 

We have seen an abundance of rain this week but that hasn't slowed the crew down. There is always something to do to keep us busy. This week we tackled the big bunker in front of the first green. After digging up the drain line Zef found the pipe to be plugged and not at grade. The guys removed the pipe, cleaned it out, reset the grade and then refiled with fresh sand. I checked the site Saturday and bingo! Lake no more! 

Our goal is to continue repairing the bunkers that are holding water as fast as we can. Right now we are to wet to mow so this is what we are going to focus our time on. There are many drain lines with issues which should give us plenty to do. We are going to prioritize the green-sides and work from there. Four may be our next stop as well as twelve. Twelve is a little special in that a spring has sprung right in the middle and it continues to flow even after the rain stops.  (right) Our first step will be to intercept the spring so we can clean the drain below.

December is a good time to start going through all the equipment. Steve is grinding reels and servicing everything and Brian and Travis are pressure washing and detailing.

This week I am looking forward to my staffs annual breakfast and our first company Christmas party in our new event center. It will be great to see everyone and their families and be in the comfort of a nice warm building. (As I reflect on the past events in our equipment bay!) Fond memories but also a sign of a well run and prosperous facility.

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