Monday, February 28th, 2011

Course Conditions
The weather makes the headlines once again. It seems we wouldn't have much to discuss if it were not for the weather. In this weeks post I will just let the photo do the talking.
Steve continues to tear apart the 3100 hubs. This one is a deep set wheel and you can see the accumulation of debris that has built up over the season. This is next to impossible to get out with the hose due to the backing plate. There really is no other way to get it out other than removing the wheel.

We have embarked on a few small drainage projects on the eleventh hole. The weather has held us up a bit but we will have no problem wrapping them up this week.
Energy Trust of Oregon
Given the recent cold weather we realized that we could probably save some money if we insulated our ceiling above the office and break room. With the success of our lighting project last year we decided to contact the Energy Trust of Oregon again to see if there were incentives available within the realm of insulation. Sure enough, we can get up to 0.30 cents per square foot, not to exceed the total cost of the project. It looks like we need to buy 1,190 square feet of R-19 insulation, install it, and send them the receipts. By my calculations our net cost will by less than $170.00!

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