Monday, February 7th, 2011

Course Conditions
A terrific week weather wise. The fairways were cut once again and the carts were set free to roam as they please! The week was punctuated by on Wednesday with an unexpected irrigation cycle over night. With the night time temperature at 25 degrees you can imagine what the course looked like when we arrived. Tuesday our service representative was doing some work on our computer control system and he performed a back-up of our data base. Upon the reinitialization of the program the rain hold switch was overlooked, subsequently allowing the system to download the last program that was run to the satellites. I believe we pumped close to 350,000 gallons, enough to drop the lake level a good three inches! I could not have been more frustrated. What should have been a short frost delay turned into an 11:30 start loosing close to 55 players that day. An honest but unfortunate mistake.

The weather cooperated for us on Friday, avoiding frost delay, and we managed to cut the greens first thing ahead of the golfers. Saturday we were able to roll for the Men's Club tournament giving them some nice rolling conditions for the day. This week Treecology will be back out to work on some more trees. I wasn't too pleased with their progress last time and hope they can get a little further this round. We have a tremendous amount of work to accomplish in the trees and I hope next years budget will allow us a little more time to work on them.

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