Bunker Care

Over the years, sand will accumulate on the faces of heavily used bunkers and it will become necessary to renovate the entire bunker face. As the sand builds up, the face will often become weak and foot traffic will cause the sod to break away resulting in an unsightly situation. This is why we place signs in these heavily used bunkers encouraging golfers to exit the rear of the bunker. Below is a picture of Sixteen before we embarked on the renovation.
I think the golfer actually had to crawl out on their knees to get out of this bunker. On this job we took about eight inches of sand off the face and returned the bunker back to its original shape. (below)
The  above photo was taken approximately one year ago and the photo below was taken today. Again, you can see the accumulation of  sand which we will need to be vigilant using a blowers to blow the it out of the canopy. What disturbs me is how the golfers are still walking out of the bunkers through the face instead of waking out the rear of the bunker where they actually entered. This is part of golf course etiquette, the same as fixing a ball mark or raking your tracks after yourself.
We may be able to repair this which can be costly, but as long as golfers keep walking out the wrong direction this will continue to happen. Lets all enjoy the course and treat it as if it were our own back yard and take the extra time to keep it looking good.

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