Monday, April 4th, 2011

Thank God, March is over! March has got to be my least favorite month of the year and this year it lived up to it's expectations. Portland's average rainfall for the month of March is 3.8 inches, this year at Stone Creek we received 8.73 inches! In case some of you golfers out there have wondered why we have been so strict on cart path rules, this is why.

April 1st seemed like someone changed the channel and the blue sky graced us once again. The parking lot was packed and we were mowing grass like sheep in a posy patch. We mowed the fairways once again and were able to mow some more rough. Things aren't always like they seem though. From an earlier post regarding our lime application and how the buggy was able to float over the course without causing damage, the rough mower went over the same spot on nine and you can see what happened. A true testament to Wilco's spreader but more importantly a reminder that there are still lots of soft areas we need to be aware of.

Last week we were finally able to get some tree wells sprayed and covered with mulch. Since our pile is not endless we are starting with some of the individual trees and will do some of the larger groves after we accumulate more mulch. So far the much has come from the storm debris that has accumulated on the course and from our tree work in January. I may inquire with the County and see if their road maintenance crew wouldn't mind dropping off a few loads. I am real pleased with the look and am confident it will aid in the health of the trees.

We were just notified the Stone Creek Golf Club has made the final selection for the 2011 NW Golf Guys Players Choice Award. The winning course will receive a plaque for their pro shop and a badge for their website. If you are so inclined to vote we would love your support. There are also some other very deserving courses listed as well. Click HERE and register your vote today. Voting ends April 30th!

Mike speech following his roast at his retirement party
Finally, I would like to congratulate Mike McLees on his retirement from Clackamas County as the  Parks Manager. I first met Mike before we had even begun construction at Stone Creek back in early 2000. One of his first jobs was to communicate with all the neighbors and answer any questions that they may have regarding the project. Since then Mike has been a huge supporter and ally of all our environmental efforts and all would not have been possible with out his support. I look forward to meeting Jeroen, Mikes replacement. He will certainly have some large shoes to fill but I have no doubt he will do a great job. Now that Mike will have more time on his hands I hope to find a seat on his boat more often and finally land one of those big fish he says he catches so often. Good Luck Mike and enjoy your well deserved retirement.

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