Golf Day at Oregon's Capitol

Monday Gordon and I were part of the Golf Day in Salem. As part of the Golf Alliance of Oregon, we were there to educate and inform the Salem legislators and lobbyists on the environmental benefits and the economic impact the game of Golf has on the State of Oregon. We shared our recent economic impact study that found Oregon's golf economy is estimated at $1.2 billion and contributes more than 27,000 jobs and a total economic impact of over $2.5 billion annually.

Larry Giustina, Denny Taylor, Gordon Tolbert
Special thanks to Barbra Trammell and Eric Yaillen of the OGA, Linda Whitworth from the Oregon GCSAA, Larry and Mark Giustina and Liz Doyle from the  Oregon Golf Course Owners Association for all there work setting everything up for the day. We had a great time with the putting contest, pinning the Democrats, Republicans, Independents and the Lobbyists against one another. Not so sure who came out on top by the end of the day but the Lobbyists were leading by the time our shift was over.

I was able to have a nice conversation with Paulette Pyle and Terry Witt from Oregonians for Food and Shelter. OFS is our Lobbyist group that represents our associations best interest in Salem. I just found out that Terry is planning his retirement very soon which will leave a very large job to fill. Thank you Terry for all you have done in Salem over the years in the interest of Oregon's agricultural and horticultural industry, especially all your efforts in protecting our ability to continue using pesticides safely as professionally trained applicators.

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