Monday, June 6th, 2011

First off I would like to recognize my son Adam for his newly acquired photography skills. We have both recently purchased Nikon DSLR's and spent the evening of Memorial Day on the golf course looking for some nice shots. This photo here, which is actually my new blog background, was taken by Adam just as the sun decided to make a last ditch appearance for the day. He really captured the essences of Stone Creek with the tall grass in the foreground and the signature bunker as the subject. Thanks Ad's!

 This week started out like May but ended on a promising note. After receiving almost two inches of rain over the first two days of the month, I was starting to wonder if the calendar simply needed to be set back a month. Finally a couple days in the 80's to get the month off to a great start.

Once again the rain early in the week prevented us from getting the sand out on the fairways. Friday we managed to get the 10th completed and that was it for the week. The course is extremely wet but I am confident that the nice weather over the weekend will give us better conditions. Our goal will be to finish the sand once and for all. The front nine fairways have healed and are looking great.

The recent cool and damp weather brought us a small outbreak of microdochium patch (fusarium patch) on the putting green and number nine. We treated on Friday with Affirm and Mancozeb which will stop further infection. We will definitely be watching closely as we head into this warmer weather too.

Thursday we used our new TB 200 roller brush to "flick" the greens and stand up the grass to get a clean crisp cut. We applied a light topdress over the greens and simply drug them in using a steel mat. The results were just what we were looking for. I usually don't like topdressing so close to the weekend but this time the sand went in real nice and the mowers weren't picking up a lot of material. I shot a short video of Brian while he brushed #11.

Finally, my quarterly contribution to Golf Course Management's Insider Environment column is in the June issue. If you are interested please feel free to read it on page 36 of the digital edition. Just follow the link below. 
 Golf Course Management - June 2011

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