Monday, August 1st, 2011

Some may say we have had lousy weather this summer, but as far as the grass conditions go, we couldn't ask for better. The extra rain that we have received hasn't been that great for play but it has for the turf. We are now experiencing the dividends of such a moist spring and early summer. The rough and driving range are still actively growing. Normally by this time of year these areas are pretty much dormant. We may increase our fuel consumption from mowing, but the money we saved from not turning on the deep well so early will far exceed that.

In the month of July we never broke the 90 degree mark. It is the first time since 1993. The forecast for the first part of August is looking much like the regular pattern that we are used to seeing. We will be well in the 80's and this will mean that we may start seeing areas of the course become stressed and turning brown. Similar to the winter when we have frost, grass that is drought stressed becomes susceptible to injury, especially the fine fescue. This is why I would like to remind every on to remember: “If it is brown, go around” This will prevent unsightly tire tracks. The damage is only temporary and will recover as soon as water is replenished. By navigating carefully around the course, we can preserve the appearance of the grass.

This month we are starting a new portable restroom service. We have received many complaints on the conditions of the toilets and the problem didn’t seem to be resolved. I am confident that our new company will provide us with excellent service. They will be servicing the units on Tuesdays and Fridays. If you find conditions less than acceptable at any time please let me know as soon as possible. I know they are portable restrooms but our customers don’t need to be using facilities that are offensive.

Friday was a busy day with an AM and PM shotgun. I always enjoy the My Breast Friend Tournament each year as they seem to really enjoy themselves. I liked there little game off the third tee, although nobody was able to get the ball in the boat, they had a great time trying. Saturday seemed like one of our busiest days yet. I thought it was amazing how we were able to host multiple tournaments at once and send them all out in a single shotgun. Great job by the deli staff and the proshop for all their organization.

Tuesday we will be applying a light topdress to the greens and Thursday we will be fertilizing tee boxes. This month we will begin our Redox program on our fairways but given how green the course is we won't be adding any nitrogen.

Finally a word of gratitude to all my staff for the great work they have been doing on the course this season. I am so proud of their efforts and their pride they have in the job they do.  It is a team effort and their work is evident by the amount of complements they are receiving.

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