Lake Algae Control

If you are a regular golfer at Stone Creek, you probably remember past years when the lakes would turn green with algae each August and they would emit a strange odor as well. Over the last three years we have finally been able to control the algae with a product that I found to be extremely environmentally safe. Copper based products and dyes were always something that didn't sit right with me so we would just wait it out and let the algae take it's course.

I finally met Dan Anderson with Northwest Environmental Specialties. I am usually suspect when someone tells me something that is to good to be true but he finally convinced me to try the product. It is called Ponder. Ponder is a carbon bio-based product that will assist in mediating the conditions that can promote algae development. It reduces gases and organic nutrients as well as turbidity associated with blooms by binding to pollutants and other suspended solids while stimulating resident bio digestion of the organic solids.

It requires a monthly application throughout the summer and in August I dropped the ball and didn't order it in in time, thus a bloom occurred in our main lakes. I called Dan and told him my dilemma and he casually said go ahead and get it out there and you will see results. This is why I am actually making this post because last Friday the ponds were a mess so I made the application and hoped for the best. By the next week the results were astounding. I took this photo Thursday but the ponds had already changed by Monday. I had thought I lost them for the season but now they are as clear as ever. I know this is another shameless promotion but I enjoy sharing knowledge that I learn along the way and if it can help anyone else then it is worth it.

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