Monday, September 5th, 2011

Lingering smoke in the atmosphere from the fires around Mt Hood
Just like that, another month has passed and Fall is right around the corner. It appears that now that summer is in full swing it isn't going to give up it's grasp on us quite yet. The forecast is calling for another seven straight days in and close to the 90's. That means that we still have lots of great golfing conditions left. We may be hitting the 90's but the night time temperatures are dropping down to the low 50's. That means that our ET rates are low and we shouldn't be seeing any more significant drying out of the grass.

It always seems that once football season begins, our play drops off. We still have a good amount of outings scheduled for this month but there should be lots of great tee times available to enjoy the great golfing conditions. Speaking of conditions, we will not be aerating until October so don't miss out.

This week we began to give the course a "close shave". August has always been the month that we begin to cut down all the tall grass. I have been cutting early in the morning to avoid exposing the customers to excessive dust and swarming yellow-jackets. The job should be complete by the end of this week some time.

One of my favorite qualities of this course is its many looks that it has throughout the year. June is always one of my favorite times when the tall grass is going to seed and it sways in the wind. Now with the tall grass cut down, I must say that this look isn't a bad one either.  The first few groups out in the morning hit the bonanza on finding lost balls. The mower tends to kick them out undamaged and they find there way into passing bags rather quickly.

This week we have a lot on our plate. Mike's last day is Thursday which I hope many of you can stop by for lunch and wish him farewell. Unfortunately we're not letting him off the hook easy. He and Bryan are working on the portable toilet enclosures and hope to have them wrapped up. We will also be spraying tees and greens this week.
It's going to be a banner weather week, enjoy it while you can!

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