Monday, August 24th, 2009

Course Conditions
The course is still pretty firm. We have been spot irrigating focusing on the dry areas and trying to get more water to the rough. The greens are smooth and running consistently from hole to hole.
Keep an eye on CNBC this week for the airing of their sustainability story on Stone Creek. It was a great morning to shoot video and the course should look awesome.

Since we were down a greens mower early in the week we were unable to verticut and topdress. Steve has the mower up now and we will resume topdressing on Monday.

Still fighting some dry spots but nothing major. Fertilizer may be due soon but they are still holding pretty well.

Still playing very firm. Great to see so much ball roll; the golfers have got to be loving it. Many of the really dry spots have recovered nicely by supplementing them with additional irrigation in the morning. The areas that were hit worse were the ones with lots of Poa annua. This will be a good argument for the slice seeder which we have budgeted for next year.

We have been able to run some extra water on the rough this past week given the higher pond level. It certainly helps but still nothing beats a good rain. The slice seeder will also benefit the rough in the fall after the hot summers.

The bunker work will continue this week, pending Sand Pro repair, as well as the tall grass mowing. Mike has been trying to mow a bit each morning when the dew is still on the grass to keep the dust down.
I don't know if it a coincidence but the large group of geese have been absent the past week or so and Broken Wing and his mate are now hanging out in the lake on six. The new lake beacons may be working. We will see this fall for sure. We may need to order two more, one for the upper part of lake C and the other for lake D on six.

The greens mower is fixed and the ball field mower is ready to go back. George is going to check with Kevin to see they can pick it up with a county trailer. Steve finally replaced the last original starter on a club car. They have served us well but are in serious need of some work. We have a few that back fire constantly and could probably us a valve job. (It is embarrassing when it happens when golfers are on the putting green) It is definitely time to replace the fleet. We hope we will be able to work something out with the golf car lease next year and purchase them then. The Sand Pro went down Friday. With all of the sand pushing the front fork has loosened to the point where Steve is worried that it may break. We still have a back up that we can use in the mean time. Steve has ordered the parts which should be in tomorrow.
Western Equipment got the P.O. from the County but it was off by $600. It was probably a typo and should be fixed before the equipment is in.

Now that it is more than evident that the yard is a popular spot for thieves it may be time for a surveillance system as well.
The men's restroom fan is out again in the club house. There is still have an extra fan from the last time it broke. I have called Winner Electric and they should be out this morning to repair the light ballast, switch and install the new fan. Hopefully we can get that restroom smelling like cherries again!

The crew will be playing in their annual crew tournament at Arrowhead next Tuesday. Mike, Carl, Bob and I will hold down the fort after the morning chores.

Ball Fields
Fields are all aerified and ready to go. The weather cooperated this year! The night time temps have cooled down and the water use should be decreasing. I will meet with George this week to make sure he is adjusting the water accordingly.

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