Monday, August 3rd, 2009

The overall condition of the course is very firm. I have been seeing a lot of drives where you don't normally see them. It is a great time to be playing the Black tees! I think the greens have been very receptive but if you land short on the approach you may find your ball over the green. The green speed isn't what I would call lightning fast. It has probably been right about where people are used to it. There is a lot of grass on them and they are about as smooth as I have seen them.


Having my friend John with Aquatrols out to help me look at the moisture content of the greens has been a real eye opening experience. It is great to be able to constantly learn new things about these greens and the way they behave. I actually turned the water off Friday night and by Saturday morning we still had 35-40% moisture in them. Ideally we should be keeping them around the low 30's to the high 20's. Knowing how long they can go without water is great to know as long as we keep an eye on those spots and some greens that like to defy the odds and get dry for no reason. There is a moisture sensor that is available for less than a couple hundred dollars I believe which I think would be a helpful tool for us to track the moisture and keep the greens from becoming over watered.
We sprayed the Daconil/Signature on Friday. This will prevent the summer decline as well as any possible pythium. Monday we will be verticutting and topdressing and Tuesday we will fertilize.

We still seem to be struggling with the water on many of the tee surfaces. The recent hot weather has taken its toll and has really exposed the dry spots. There is still a lot of fine tuning that needs to be done which we will be able to get to when things cool down a little. Many heads are low and need to be lifted. In the mean time we will need to use some magic dust (Cascade granular wetting agent) to help the water penetrate the root zone and continue with hand watering.

Like the tees the hot weather has taken it's toll on the fairways. We are putting down as much water as we possibly can and even running extra water in the mornings. I ended up buying a drum of less expensive wetting agent ($400) and got it out Saturday night. I think it will be worth it. The product that I was using was working beautifully until I ran out. It will definitely be in the budget for next season.
We are still getting great comments on the course. Just yesterday Jorge was mowing rough on the west side of the fourth green and a golfer came all the way across to tell him how beautiful the course was. That to me is great stuff. Jorge was glowing when he told me that.

The tire tracks are really showing up. It is actually worse than driving on frost if the grass is under any type of drought stress. A little water and it all goes away. Nothing we can do but just pray for a little rain. The irrigation has been of for the last 6 days to ensure the fairways and the surrounds are getting enough.
Jason is still doing a wonderful job letting the tournaments know to stay in the fairways. Lets be sure the Starter is getting the message to the regular public as well.

Don't forget to let me know if you are going to make the BBQ Friday at Noon. I need to order the right amount of steaks.
Brian Nishimoto's 90 days is on the 18th of this month which qualifies him for benefits. Do we need to wait for the open enrollment in January or can he get signed up after his 90 days?
I am planning on taking the 10th, 11th, and 12th off to pick up my parents in Bellingham and visit some family. I may even get a chance to play Bellingham Country Club. Mike may be taking the 27th through the first off as well. He is due for some much needed time off.

The bridge is almost complete. We should have it completed by the end of the day today or early Tuesday. The Contractors had time off scheduled Friday but managed to get the bridge passable for the weekend. I think it looks great!

I am working with Lane Miller on the new greens mowers and the core harvester. I have forwarded him some information on a new municipal lease program which gets us an additional 1.5% discount. I need to follow up with him and make sure the County is signed up. We are going with the Toro GM3150. It has new style cutting units but will also be able to utilize our old cutting units as well. When I get all the final quotes in I will run them by both of you before submitting them to the county for a P.O..

Ball Field
George and the gang have been working their tails off. I have not had a chance to get out there but I would probably get in their way anyways. Steve finally got the sidewinder fixed. Toro didn't have a hydraulic motor in stock anywhere in the US. I will exchange it this week for our old one.

I hope you like this format of my weekly update. I got this idea from a constituent who told me a super was doing this for his greens committee. I think it is a good way to be able to track the updates from week to week and look back to previous years with out much effort. Let me know what you think.


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