Monday, August 31st, 2009

Course Conditions
The course condition continues to be firm. I have seen some improvement in some of the drier fairways as Zeferino continues to spot water. I took some profile samples to see what kind of root structure we have and was very pleased with what I saw.
Now that most of the tall grass is cut we should see less time spent looking for lost balls.
We lost a goose last week. It had a broken leg so I took it to the Audubon Wildlife Care Center and they determined that it could not be fixed and they euthanized it.

Monday we were able to verticut and topdress the greens which certainly helped. By Wednesday they looked perfect. We have cut the nitrogen back by half to control the growth and maintain the speed which seems to be helping. We are seeing some disease on some of the greens but it is mainly on the Poa annua and not in large amounts. As long as the bent is actively growing we will just keep an eye on it.

We are going to try to start aerifying as soon as we can fit it in. Probably next week after Mike gets back from vacation.

Fertilizer is scheduled for next week. This is only the second application of fertilizer this year. We will go with the same plan next year with the Verde-Cal in March and just two fertilizer apps for the year. Soil tests have shown that the Verde-Cal that we applied this spring is still working and increasing our pH which subsequently increases the efficacy of our fertilizer. A stronger soil means less inputs which helps save us dollars in the long run.

This is the tough time of the year for the rough. It has taken a beating all summer with cart traffic and has not received much water to say the least. The positive side is the fine fescues that make of the large percentage of the rough has the ability to recover quickly as soon as the fall rains come. If we get the rain the forecasters are predicting later this week you should see some drastic improvement. If we hadn't used fine fescue in our mix our range would be mud by the fall.

The tall grass mowing is almost complete with just a few small areas between 10 and 18, in front of 4 tees and next to 15 green. We should have that all wrapped up this week. We are planning on mowing the bunker faces on Wednesday.

Steve has repaired the Sand Pro and it is back in service. The core harvester was delivered Friday and the greens mowers should be delivered any time. Steve has his hands full this week with a lot of sharpening to do.
I will be purchasing a new trailer this week from the same people as before. This time I will have them construct it without the two posts on the back which made it hard to load the mowers.

The bathroom fan is fixed in the club house but they didn't give us much time on the motion sensor. I experienced that first hand, mid stream if you will, sorry about that. It should be fixed now and hopefully it will smell better in there. I also had Jack Rawlings bring out some deodorizers that will fit in the dispensers. I don't think we were getting serviced well from our linen company which is responsible for that. Just a reminder to have Sig or someone change the air filters at the club house. I am ordering some new filters for Sig today.

We are moving our start time to 5:30am this week. We are mowing greens and changing cups in the dark up to 17 green each day. It is difficult to do a quality job changing cups in the dark. We will be starting at 5am on those days which shotguns are scheduled and should be wrapping up the course right at 7:30 so it will be important to communicate with us just before you send the groups out to be sure we are ready for them. I will be going off of the Google calendar for scheduling our starts so it is important that those dates are kept up to date.
The guys did well at the crew tournament last week, 3rd Low Net!

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