Monday, April 12th, 2010

Out with the old and in with the new! We just received our new fleet of golf cars from EZ-Go last week. It is always a big job and many kudos to all who helped Rusty (left) and Cart Barn Dave get the old carts ready to go back and the new ones off the truck and ready for use. It will be nice to have a strong fleet once again. With the new charging systems we should stand to use quite a bit less electricity.

Speaking of saving energy, our lighting upgrade proposal to the Energy Trust of Oregon was approved last week and we have begun the process to initiate the project. We will be replacing the lighting fixtures in the club house, cart barn and in the maintenance shop with energy efficient fixtures and ballasts. After we computed the savings and the incentives offered by Energy Trust along with the tax rebates, the upgrade should pay off in six months. It was a win-win for everyone.

Club House Project
We broke ground this week on our new tournament building. If all goes well we should be up and running sometime during the first week in May. The first stage of the project was the excavation of the foundation. Luckily most of the fill was gravel and we will be able to use much of that on our yard up at the shop. The foundation will be formed next week and should be poured if all goes well.

Course Conditions
I am sure the Men's Club appreciates the conditions of the greens on Saturday given the fact that we were scheduled to aerate last Monday and had to postpone due to the weather. It sounds like it was a great Masters Tournament and the greens rolled fabulously. Even with the lousy weather the last week the crew is still keeping things in top shape. The only major obstacle is getting all of our aerification completed around all of this rainy weather. We are planning on plugging the greens today but presently we are on hold once again as it continues to rain. If we can get a break in the weather we will get going ASAP. The important thing is to get nine holes done so we can pick up the rest of the greens later this week without affecting tee times. We will only be using one aerifier since we had to return the other to OGC so they could do their greens today as well. The weather is looking better through the end of the week, possibly in the 70's!
Once we get the greens out of the way we will start in on the fairways. I would like to see them dry up a bit before we start so we will watch them and proceed accordingly.

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