Oregon Public Broadcasting, Think Out Loud - Turf Wars

Monday, April 5th, I was invited to be a studio guest for a radio program on Oregon Public Broadcasting called "Think Out Loud". The subject of the show was called "Turf Wars". An Oregon based author is advocating replacing your front or back lawn with a garden. Many people are opting to remove their lawn all together for fear of fertilizers and pesticides. The show will host a variety of opinions and obviously I will be on the side of a lawn. OPB's website is available to take comments on the subject as well as downloading the podcast at: http://www.opb.org/thinkoutloud/shows/turf-wars/. I had a great time doing the show only wishing that there was more time to say more. I found it interesting how closed people are about lawns and all they want to do is come up with lame replacements for what has been working extremely well for years. In my opinion know one really came up with a good reason why you should not have a lawn. As far as I am concerned lawns have a place in our landscape as do ornamental shrubs and vegetable gardens. Check out the podcast and decide for yourself.

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