Monday, April 26th, 2010

The greens are getting better each day. I would say they are about 99% and that is only because we haven't taken them down to the pre-aerification height of cut. We will be keeping them at the current height for a while until we see them getting tighter. Probably no longer than a few weeks. Once we see them tighten up we will verticut, topdress and drop them back to .120 thousandths of an inch. I took this picture this weekend while changing cups. That is a root coming out from the bottom. I saw this on almost every green. A good sign of a healthy plant!

Our Kabota has a spit in one of the rear tires and we found out that the company that makes the Turf Galaxy tire has gone out of business as well as the company that purchased them. Now we are 60 days until the next company can get the mold and start making them again. So with that said, our fairway aerification and topdressing will be put on hold until we can find a set of rear tires. Not to mention fertilizing the rough and the fairways as well. I am currently working with the Kabota dealer in locating a set. I hope to hear from them soon. I may look into a loaner if we have to. These things must get done!

We have had some reports from the neighbors that we have a rogue coyote on the course and is acting very strange, allowing golfers to walk right up to it. I want to assure everyone that this is only a decoy and is being used to keep the geese away from this area. So far it is working well. We have one more that we will use, perhaps around the lake on seventeen. Bob is moving him around regularly to keep the geese guessing. Rich Paden actually heard some ladies walking along the trail commenting on how close those golfers are to the coyote. They couldn't believe it was so tame. :)

No word on the duck nest yet. I will have to put the waders on this week and see if they are close to hatching.

The clubhouse is shaping up. The county cut in the temporary access road on Thursday and Pacific will be bringing the units in on Tuesday pending all the inspections go well on Monday. Tony has provided us with a timeline and is communicating with all of her subcontractors and it looks like we are on schedule to be able to occupy the building by the 10th.

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