Monday, October 24th, 2011

I started this week off in Lawrence Kansas for the GCSAA Environmental Programs Committee meeting. This is my second year on the committee after taking a break last year. Having the opportunity to serve next to some of the finest individuals and environmental stewards is a privilege and an honor. I am very excited in the direction GCSAA is heading in the environmental arena, putting forth programs that will position our industry among the nations leaders in sustainability. Stay tuned for a surprising announcement in the coming days!

 I returned Thursday to find the course in magnificent condition. Chris and the staff had been busy topdressing the greens, aerating and seeding the driving range tee and keeping up on all of the mowing. The fall color on our Autumn Blaze maples has peaked and the leaves are finally beginning to fall. By Saturday the entire parking lot was a blaze with fallen leaves and were blowing everywhere. Looking forward to this coming week, we are in for some dry but cool weather which should make leaf pick up a breeze.

Earlier in the week we had some vandalism on the course but nothing too bad. The usual tee markers flung about and trash cans thrown in the lake but the icky part was the portable tip-overs. Bob was quick to call and have the sanitation company come out and clean up the mess. I think we have remedied the situation now by bolting the units to the enclosures. I will be surprised to see them over again.

The course has really firmed up the last few days. We are still going to keep the carts off the 15th and 13th fairways so please bear with us and obey the ropes. Our biggest concerns are the slopes and what could happen if a cart could not stop. If all works out this week we are going to try to get some extra sand out on those pesky wet areas in hopes of keeping them more playable. The good news is new drainage on 17 looks great and has firmed up the area nicely.

Last week we had a golfer slip on the turf while walking up to the fourteenth green, so we decided to extend the chip trail a few feet closer. We appreciate players pointing out these areas in that safety is very important to us. Just last Friday I saw a player with mud up the side of his leg and asked him if he was alright. He said he was fine and deserved to fall in that he had stepped over some ropes that were placed to direct traffic away from the wet area in the first place.

Finally, please welcome our old friends back home. It looks like they summered well where ever they went and are now back here for the winter. This is just a small flock in comparison to what other golf courses have to deal with so if this is all the geese we get this year then we should be okay. The only thing that concerns me is they are roosting in the lakes. Friday I saw them all congregated around our flashing buoys. We will continue to keep them moving when we see them on the course in hopes they may find a quieter place to dwell.

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