Monday, October 31st, 2011

Fog rolling in over the frost
Along with all of the great weather we had last week, the skies cleared and brought us our first frost of the season. We had a full tee sheet but managed to pull off a shotgun by mid morning to accommodate the patient golfers. On another day last week it was 43 degrees when we came in but as the sun began to rise the air chilled considerably, causing us to have to pull our equipment off the course and wait to see what the frost was going to do. Strange as it was, it formed just as the fog began to roll in and the moisture removed any frost that was beginning to form. It was one of the strangest frosts that I have experienced. It just shows how quick conditions can change; each day is different.

Along with the clear skies, we had a great time conditioning the golf course. When the weather cooperates, October can bring some great golfing conditions. The greens are pretty much healed from aerification and are rolling pretty well. This week we may consider a verticut to help smooth them out. As we roll into November we will be cutting back on our mowing as the growth of the grass dictates. November is normally a transition month for us as we approach the winter. Leaf pick up and storm debris clean up will be the norm over the regular mowing.Fall drainage projects will continue as we will be focusing on the wet area in front of the 18th fairway.

One sign each year that we look forward to is the arrival of the Bufflehead ducks. This little guy is the smallest diving bird in North America and breads in Canada. It overwinters down here in the US. We always enjoy watching out for them like we do with the swallows in the spring. We are seeing lots of new birds as the fall migration continues. Friday Jorge spotted the Bald Eagle and I view this Greater White-fronted Goose hanging around with some crows, which is different than the normal Canada Goose that we normally see here at Stone Creek. (Right)

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