Monday, January 2nd, 1012

Happy New Year to everyone! I certainly hope everyone survived the Holiday season. Let's just get on to June... Quickly.

So much for smashing the all time driest December record. We pretty much wrapped up the entire months rainfall in just one week. We had a total of 4.3 inches this month with 4 inches coming from Christmas on. I would still take it this way than any other. At least we didn't string it out over 30 days and were able to enjoy some bonus rounds of golf. At the time of writing this post I am forecasting 410 rounds more than our budget for the month! I took this snippet of the radar on Wednesday and thought how stereotypical this must look. Most of the entire country with the exception of the NW is enjoying dry weather. This depicts living in the NW at its best. It may be wet now, but we sure have great summers. That's just my opinion and am sticking with it for now.

As predicted, we wrapped up the drain line on eleven on Tuesday. We are all very pleased in how it turned out. I took this photo in the middle of the heavy rain on Wednesday which gives you an idea how the rain sheets off the grass. This demonstrates the benefit of having a properly graded golf course. The quicker we can get it off the surface the firmer we can keep the grass on top.

As we are prepare for our next drain project on three, the heavy rain it gave us a good opportunity to line out where we want to place our trench and catch basins. We like to strategically place the drain grates in areas that will intercept the most amount of surface water and get it off the surface. The red flags show the location of the drain pipe and the white flags will be the location of the surface drains. We'll start this project first thing this week.

As a budding amateur photographer I like to try new things with my camera. The Nikon D90 has the ability to bracket photos which means it will shoot three consecutive photographs but will automatically adjust the exposure for each shot. Usually one under exposed, one over exposed and one in the middle, depending on how you set it up. With special software you then combine the three shots to get a single photograph. This is called HDR, high definition resolution. John Kaminski, a turf professor from Penn State University has become very proficient at this and has posted some remarkable shots on his photo blog at Please take a look, its worth your time.

I downloaded a trial of Photomatrix at home and gave it a try. This was the sunrise last weekend. I processed one in black and white and one in color. I think they are both pretty unique images.

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