Monday, January 30th, 2012

Sunday morning while I was changing cups, Jorge and I were both on the 6th green, he asked me if I saw the bald eagle. Of course I missed it, then suddenly about a thousand geese got up from behind the neighbors, and the sky was full of birds. The first thing I thought of was that eagle must have been looking for breakfast. Moments later after I was on the 5th green, Jorge calls me on the radio to get my attention and he points to the eagle flying low across the lake with a goose in tow. What a magnificent sight! Not just seeing the eagle so close up but knowing that there was one less goose in the neighborhood. The worst part of the moment was realizing that I left the Nikon at home.

Shortly after the eagle sighting, this rainbow appeared in the sky. All of the sudden my radio is going crazy and everyone is asking me if I'm taking pictures with my camera. Now I'm getting mad. This thing was of those that you don't often see. I actually can't recall ever seeing a rainbow this large and so beautiful. Of course if I had the Nikon I would have set up for great shot and had the picture of the year. I had to settle for the Droid X2. It's better than nothing. After such an eventful morning the rain settled in for the rest of the day.

Although it rained over a third of an inch on Sunday, we did have a nice stretch of weather on Friday and Saturday. That gave us an opportunity to mow the greens. With the frost delay it wasn't easy, but the golfers were very accommodating, allowing us to mow around them. Earlier in the week we managed to accumulate another inch and a half of rain, so this week we will be busy once again putting the bunkers back into place.

Speaking of Bunkers, I would like to tip my hat to Jorge. He has been our unofficial "Sand Pro" if you will. He has developed quite a skill pushing the sand back into place with the front blade on the bunker rake. On our older model it requires quite a bit of upper body strength and Jorge makes it look easy. Just recently he went through each bunker and reallocated the sand so it could be distributed more evenly. Since doing that, this last round of washouts was less severe and he was able to complete the front nine on Friday. If the weather cooperates this week I would anticipate them being completed by Tuesday.

I mentioned last week that I would post a photo of our 11 year old tee mower. Again, Steve has done a great job keeping these in top shape but as they get older our costs seem to increase to keep them running. This year we are looking at quite a few hydraulic hoses to replace on many of our units to avoid any mishaps. Preventative maintenance is the key!

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