Sun Sense

This video came to my attention earlier and after sharing it on Facebook, Pat Jones suggested that I share it on the Blog. As golf industry professionals we spend much of our time outside, and sunscreen is the one thing that is overlooked the most. I have always provided pump bottles of sunscreen in the shop which I often forget to use myself. A few years ago after visiting the sun cancer screening booth at the GIS, the technician told me that I had a suspicious mark on my left hand. I had it looked at by my dermatologist when I got back and sure enough it was a form of skin cancer called squamous cell melanoma. I was very fortunate to catch it early and every since I have been seeing the dermatologist annually.
If you don't think it is ever going to happen to you I dare you to Google "squamous cell melanoma pictures". Actually just click on the link and see for yourself. It's not pretty.
If anything, please watch this video and share it if you feel compelled.

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