Monday, May 10th

Course Conditions
We finally saw some warm weather last week which really dried things out nicely. After today's rain passes I think we should be in for another good stretch. We have a few things on our priority list this week and that is to begin and finish our aerification. With one tractor we are limited to one chore at a time and for now we are going to plan on getting all the fairways punched and harvested this week and then begin topdressing next week.

The greens are due to be verticut and topdressed this week so we will plan on doing that on Wednesday. Since we have a 6am split tee on Thursday we will plan on fertilizing the greens on Friday, setting them up for a nice weekend.

We  have a lot to do this week including the work around the new tournament building. We are currently waiting on a plumbing inspection so we can start filling in the low below the deck.  As you can see (left) the sewer pipe had to be set pretty shallow to meet the grade to the septic tank. I may take quite a bit of material to fill and cover the pipe so we have decided to fill the low with the aerification cores from the fairways. I think it will work well since they will be easy to work with and we should have plenty of them. It is going to be a little messy for a couple days but as soon as we get the inspection things should go quickly.

Jason and Rick are beginning to set forms on the sidewalk this morning. If the weather cooperates the will be pouring by 2pm. In order to meet ADA specs off the east entry there is going to be step to the deck. We will have to get creative and tie the sidewalk into the deck later. Our first priority is to get our occupancy permit this week so we will be addressing only those things necessary for that to happen.

Wildlife Update
The jury is out on the coyote and the beacon project. I think they worked well on the migratory geese or the Canadians if you will. The local geese, or Americans I call them seem to be tolerating them. Last week out of the blue 16 goslings showed up. We had no idea where they were nesting and for that matter if they were nesting at all. We always keep a close eye on the lakes for nests and there was no sign this year which means our counter measures may have worked but apparently that only caused them nest off site and return once they hatched.  This will only add an additional 336 pounds of goose poop a week until they decide to fly the coop. They usually hang out until around mid July when they have grown enough to fly. I don't know where they go but they usually come back in the fall. In the mean time Bob will be diligently blowing the tees and greens each morning.

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