Monday, May 24th, 2010

Course Conditions
Did I mention rain yet? What is up with this weather? Please tell me there is going to be light at the end of the rainbow! Like many, we have seen enough rain to last us 'till July. As wet as it has been the course is actually very playable. This morning I drove across many of the fairways and with over 2" of rain over the weekend everything appeared to have drained very well. We wrapped up all the aerification but now just have the sand to apply to the fairways. This week will be questionable by the looks of the forecast. It can be extremely dangerous hauling the topdresser around with four tons of sand. We will do what we can. Tomorrow will be a good day to verticut the greens and topdress, we are scheduled to fertilize later in the week and will watch the weather for a break in the action. So much work at this time is weather dependent and it can be frustrating waiting for an opportunity to get it done.

Last week was busy with all the tournaments and it was good to see the new event center getting used. Specialized Construction is doing a great job on the walkways. They should be pouring the west entry today sometime. Friday we got quite a bit done by adding a french drain along the west end of the building and procuring a number of large boulders from the fourteenth hole to place within the landscape. Last week I met with a couple landscape contractors that can help us put everything back together again. I should be getting some quotes in by Tuesday and will hope to get them going soon. I have a call into Chris Anderson Painting and should have an update on his schedule soon.

This morning while driving around I saw our first turtle sunbathing between cloud breaks. It is good to see them back. It is always a good sign to see turtles in the ponds, it's a good sign of a healthy ecosystem.
All of the lighting project has been completed and everything is working well. The new lights in our equipment bay and in the cart barn are way brighter than what we had before. With the new carts and chargers and carts along with the new lighting system in the cart barn we saved over $300 on our power bill over what we did last year at the same time.

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