Monday, May 31st, 2010

Happy Memorial Day and thanks to all that have served our great country!
I was hoping for a better day today but it is still raining. The course is draining well but the conditions are still too wet to let the carts on the fairways. This weather pattern is going to have to change soon. In the last week we have received 3.05 inches of rain with Monday being the only day we did not receive any precipitation. This is a little out of the ordinary for our typical conditions. The greens feel a little soft to me, perhaps affecting speed a little bit. Once we get into warmer temperatures they should roll out nicely. Matt Zeffino (KGW TV) has said that this pattern will change and we are due for some nice weather soon. Lets not hope for another "Junuary"! Photo on right, Jim and Steve make their rounds pumping out our slowly draining bunkers.

Regardless of the weather we have still been able to get things done. Thursday we aerified and reseeded the driving range tee. We also sprayed it with a little nitrogen to give it a boost. The area under the tent didn't fair to well so we aerated and seeded that too. We also verticut and sanded the greens this week, in the rain! Sometimes you have to learn to make the best of it and the crew has developed a method of getting it done with out waiting for the sand to dry before it is brushed in.

Friday Zeferino and Jorge placed enough sod to tie in the cart path to the new walkway between the buildings. That should of at least kept the mud down over the weekend. I think we will do more sodding in back instead of seed just so we can get it done quicker. The landscape bids came in over the weekend and I will be reviewing them with Gordon and Doug. I am pleased with the work of Specialized Construction. They have done a great job with all the concrete around the building. We have a few more small projects for them and they will be putting finishing touches on the planter and the retainment wall when the weather cooperates.

As I was driving around the course on Friday I noticed quite a few critters in and around the lakes and reflected how nice it is to be able to see them so close up and on a regular basis. Our turtle is back this year and likes to find refuge on a soaked bale of barley straw. The buffers along the lake edges are full of nesting Red-wing blackbirds. Some have hatched and many nests still have eggs. If you are not careful while looking for a ball you may get a gentle reminder on the top of your head letting you know you are alittle too close.

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